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29 April 2019

LIPI Attended 3rd ASEAN Science Diplomats Assembly (22-29 April 2019)

Located in the Philippines hotel, Philippines 22 - 29 April 2019, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) held the 3rd ASEAN Science Diplomats Assembly with a theme Empowering Science and Technology Leaders for Smart ASEAN. “The main objective of the ASEAN Science Diplomats Assembly (SDA) is to strengthen the integration of science and diplomacy for the benefit of the AMS strategic capacities, policy goals, and the development of solutions for societal challenges.” explaned Dir. Glenn S. Banaguas, Chair, ASEAN Science Diplomat European Union (EU)-Asia Climate Diplomat.

SDA is a event designed to facilitate discussions between scientists and policymakers on their program, research priorities, and funding opportunities. The event will provide the scientists to engage with decision-makers from Executive and Legislative Branches to broaden participants perspective on how science and policy can interact to improve decision-making. The event will include small group discussions, interactive activities, one-on-one networking, skill-building in policy communication, and panels around a variety of topics as well as grant proposal and policy brief writing.

The delegation from Indonesia was attended by Muhammad Ikhlasul Amal, a researcher in Research Center for Metallurgy and Materials, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)and Deni Shidqhi Khaerudini, a researcher in Research Center for Physics, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI).

In the seminar, Deni also had the opportunity to be the moderator of one of the panels titled Climate Smart and Disaster Resilient ASEAN International Conference, on April 23, 2019.

 The Climate Smart and Disaster Resilient ASEAN (CSDRA) is a two-day conference that aims to brings together leading academic scientis, researchers, scholasr, government agencies, non government organizations, and otehr stakeholders to share their experiences and research results on aspects of climate change and disaster risks in South East Asia. This international conference provides trans-disciplinary platforms for relecvant stakeholders to present and discuss innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered in the field of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction and management (CCADRRM)

Deni believes that it provides experience and insight related to how to communicate globally and regionally from diverse backgrounds, educational, and expertise. And how to overcome those differences, especially in 'advocating' science to policy. So that it can be understood by the public, especially by stakeholder (government/House of Representatives).

 In the future, LIPI in particular and Indonesia globally, can contribution and play an active role especially in the field of science to be implemented locally, regionally, and globally.

 The 3rd ASEAN Science Diplomats Assembly provides opportunities and as a 'media' for scientists to contribute in providing ideas specifically related to the energy sector (renewable energy) and infrastructure.

 And Philipines is pround to present the fellows in the 3rd ASEAN Science Diplomats Assembly:

  1. Dr. Andery Lim (Brunei), in the fields of Sustainable Energy
  2. Dr. Kuok Fidero (Cambodia), in the fields of Food Security
  3. Dr. Chhuon Kong (Cambodia), in the fields of Water Sufficiency
  4. Dr. Deni Shidqi Khaerudini (Indonesia), in the fields of Sustainable Energy
  5. Dr. Muhamad Ikhlasul Amal (Indonesia), in the fields of Infrastructure
  6. Dr. Zulbaqar Bin Sa’adi (Malaysia), in the fields of Water Sufficiency
  7. Dr. Ye Wint Aung (Myanmar), in the fields of Infrastructure
  8. Dr. Alonzo Gabriel (Philippines), in the fields of Food Security
  9. Dr. Francis Aldrine Uy (Philippines), in the fields ofInfrastructure
  10. Dr. Jomar Rabajante (Philippines), in the fields of Health Security
  11. Dr. Michael Francis Benjamin (Philippines), in the fields of Sustainable Energy
  12. Dr. Huang Jingfeng (Singapore), in the fields of Sustainable Energy
  13. Dr. Dung Duc Tran (Vietnam), in the fields of Water Sufficiency
  14. Dr. Trinh Minh Anh Nguyen (Vietnam), in the fields of Human Security